September 21, 2007

my soul sings: September 21 2007 =)

oh, dear God,
i don't want to be vengeful =(
please take that away from me
help me speak Your Truth in complete and utter love

for they aren't saved yet.

God, i believe in Your ultimate grace
and in Your ultimate justice

i do not know You completely
but from what You reveal to me in the Bible
and in our walk together

i find it easier to trust You, every day.

to throw myself in Your arms

to fall down at Your feet

to bury my face in Your robes
and hug You real tight
and fill my senses with You
Your aroma
(eyes closed)
Your warmth, strong and secure
Your voice, deep yet light

"My child,

the old has gone,
the new has come."

Blessed be the name of the LORD

for He took away my shame
and replaced it with His righteousness

He washed away my sins with His blood
and i have become as white as snow
even more glorious than when He first created me

for i shall see the face of my God and live
for He has given me a pure heart, and a holy soul
an eternal inheritance, a divine birthright

Father, all good things come from You
Where else can i go?
You and only You have the words of eternal life.

it is a joy to honor You
it is a pleasure to worship You
it is a privilege to know You.


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