September 26, 2007

blogging and lasting good :)

from the article "The Death of Blogs" by Ted Olsen in Christianity Today:

"Good bloggers work like dogs," says Michael Parsons, editor of the tech site "You can't expect readers to show up unless you show up. And the Internet never closes. … Every successful blogger I've come across is the same. Eat, sleep, and drink the work. No time out; no holidays."

That's not a recipe for healthy living, especially if you're working a day job that's not paying you to blog. When Catholic blogger Amy Welborn shut down Open Book in August to focus on writing books, she wrote: "I want to do good, and I want to do lasting good — the kind of good that people carry around, share, put on their bookshelves and reflect on — rather than the kind of good that sparks a momentary flash until we surf to the next website and the next and the next."

(Kinda reminds me of why i left focus on writing :) i will write books/tv shows/movies later on (God-inspired or nothing at all!), but working on a PhD entails that i can only blog for now :) )

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