August 14, 2012

Put your hearts UP!

"If we give a little love maybe we can change the world..."

This is such a cheerfully cheesy song+video, even for me! But Ms. Grande pulled it off --- even redeeming the very "emo" track "What's Up?" by the Four Non-Blondes. Yup, the world does need more love and more hope-filled songs like this. The Philippines especially, beset with strong winds and rain to the point of calamity, needs a lot more sunshine than usual (literally and figuratively).

So put your hearts up! Along with the cheese comes the sun ;) 

Will we stand for the vision of love? :)

Just a little faith and the reminder that God already loves us... enable us to love the people around us. :)


Vision of Love
by Kris Allen

Wake up if you believe
Love is not a fading dream
Tell me I'm not the only one
Who feels this way right now

Lonely needs a friend
Ask him where he's been
You could be the light that comes
And turns his world around

I don't wanna run, I don't wanna hide
When someone needs somebody
I don't wanna say, I don't got the time
When someone needs somebody
With a little faith and a little soul
We can't go wrong

When a heart breaks
And the world shakes
Will we stand for the vision of love?
When a tear falls
And the fear crawls
Will we stand for the vision of love?