September 17, 2007

mourning the passing of Robert Jordan, Christian and master storyteller

Sometimes even when you’ve fought your best...
posted on Mr. Robert Jordan's blog


Never, never [lose] faith. RJ did not. Harriet hasn’t. I haven’t. Going through what we have, our faith is only strengthened. Besides, if God didn’t exist, we would have never had Jim. We did. God does. Remember my Brother/Cousin, my friend, think of him fondly and glorify God’s name.

James Oliver Rigney, Jr. aka Robert Jordan
October 17, 1948 - September 16, 2007

For more details about the life and works of Mr. Jordan:
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One commenter, "Piercy", wrote:

I’m very sorry to hear this. I can’t say that I knew him, but his works really helped my life along. I was going through the “depressed teenager” phase when I was introduced to WoT. That helped me out like you could never imagine. Thank you for everything, RJ.

i could say the exact same thing. i got to read the first one and a half books of the Wheel of Time series during literally the lowest point of my life --- that's right, just B.C. ("before Christ") --- and they strangely comforted me in some way. Now i know why.

Now that's the Christian message: not as obvious as C.S. Lewis or even J.R.R. Tolkien, yet just as compelling and reassuring.

Thank you, Mr. Jordan. See you in heaven. :)


  1. how sad.

    first it was l'engle, now it rj!

    the world is deprived of yet another creative genius.

    di ko lam na christian pala sya. that's a pleasant surprise ^_^

  2. meggy!

    tlga, madeleine died na rin?

    (i haven't even read her book/s yet!)

    keep in touch! :D GB! :D