June 24, 2011

Be true to your song

Let me remember my song in the night;
let me meditate in my heart.
(Psalm 77:6)

Leave me alone with my song
by Colin Rowe

When there's meaning in the music,
And music in the words,
A song can set the heart at rest
It need not even be the best
Of songs.
As long as it belongs to you alone.

A song is all you need, boy,
The rest is for the birds,
But all the birds have songs of their own
From the highest and mightiest, holiest bird
To the shiest and grubbiest lowliest bird
Each has his own inner song
And that's why I know it's all wrong
That I'm walking away from the song
That is mine ---

I bought  "Tell No Man" by Adela Rogers St. Johns at a secondhand store, not knowing how much it would resonate in my life as a Christ-follower --- then, as a new believer, and now, as a tired person in the world. 
The song above is from a fictional character in a fictional story, but how much can you and I relate? Will we conform to the world and end up as mere shadows and echoes... or will we be true to who we are --- who He destined us to be? 

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