June 21, 2011

Straighten out those A's

    ‎"The [general weighted average] is just a measure of being a good student. But does that make you a good person? Does that make you a productive member of society?... It’s not fair to (focus so much on) points... I kind of just forgot it because real life is different. That’s the UP spirit: not just brains, but also a big heart and the hand to serve." - Dr. Gert Gwendale Baron, GWA 1.03 (where perfect GWA = 1). From this article.

It doesn't matter if you got straight A's in school.
Life is what happens outside the classroom.

So what if your head is filled with facts?
Wisdom is making good use of what you know
     --- heck, it's making good use even when you don't know

Has your knowledge guided you in improving your life,
     and those of others, even?
And by "improvement", I don't mean getting rich
     --- we probably all know of people who find more fulfillment
     in giving money than in receiving

Has your knowledge helped you beyond inflating your ego,
     or have you realized that there's no end to erecting that tower
     of pride to the high heavens,
     and that even if you win the rat race
     you're still a rat

Straight A's could still lead to crooked living
     (Believe me, I've seen, and I know)

It's one thing to know the right thing and another to do it
     If you're like this
     You probably know this but aren't doing anything about it

Perhaps like Socrates, you only know that you don't know
     and that doesn't help much

If I may just share
     "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the LORD,"
     where fear means reverence and respect
     for the One who knows all
     for the One who actually knows better than you or me
If there's one thing I know that works, it's this
     Perhaps you know too, or not, or have forgotten

Give Him a try
Test His judgments against yours
And you just might learn something new.

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