February 25, 2006

teci's thesis, episode 9: thank You God! :)

yay! :)

thank You God! :) :)

and thanks to everyone who's prayed for me (and will continue to pray for me and support me, it's not yet over! :) ).

as i was (finally) starting to write my thesis outline, i got to see how it all fits together.

(okay, so i should have written that outline long ago, and my entire thesis for that matter :D but i'm doing other things that are as important and maybe even more so: like rewriting my program and getting data. :) even if i did write my outline earlier, i would still need to have that clarity of insight, that realization, that i just got minutes earlier.)

before tonight (er, this very early morning) i and everyone else thought i was working on two distinctly different research problems, even if they're on the same topic (social networks, information propagation ==> translation: gossip. yup yup, this is serious scientific research in getting my Master's degree in Physics! i'm not kidding and i'm not being sarcastic. i actually love doing this doesn't-really-look-like-physics (parang-physics-na-hindi) research :)

and then suddenly, it all fits.


nothing would be gone to waste. no time nor thoughts, no data nor program codes, would be wasted. all would be used to produce a worthy thesis (even if i do say so myself!).

yay :)

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