February 15, 2006

teci's thesis, episode 6: why i had my hair cut :p

recorded below are the events that transpired on valentine's afternoon till the early morning of the next day. ending inconclusively, wandering aimlessly, drifting into sleep -- i eventually took it all out on my hair. (though my hair's now too short, so i wonder what i'll do as a frustration-releaser next time...)

2:46 PM. segmentation fault.
i don't even know what that is...
but i do know it means "program error!!!"
try for smaller scale, simpler cases...

2:59 PM. error-prone parameters?
changing ** would induce segmentation fault for some other ***.
why o why...

3:09 PM. varying even a little bit...
varying ***
varying ***
plus spaces in output...now know where to look... :)

3:30 PM. output ok (hehehe...)
but the output still says error... :p
plus i found a magic value *** where nothing goes wrong! strange!

4:24 PM. hi! still here!
getting closer (hopefully!)...

5:14 PM. still error!...
still need to do something else...

11:35 PM. i'm back!
a little valentine's dinner and coffee with a friend :)
now what?

11:47 PM. is error in *** or ***?
yup: in ****
yup: in ****

11:56 PM. hmmm!
it seems error is neither in *** or *** but in something else entirely...
hope increases (even by a bit! :) )

12:31 AM. oops!
neither in ***/*** nor in latter suspect *** but in ***

12:34 AM. correction...
it's in both **** and **** pala
whoa, one at a time please... :)

1:15 AM. isolated the problem
well, sort of...
in one of two issues...
i *think* but i'm not sure...

2:17 AM. hello friend! :)
made small talk and woke myself up by surfing (ooops...)
total coolness http://www.comic-con.org/wc/assets/xmen_lg.jpg!!!!
back to work! :)

2:57 AM. still nothing?
no *conclusive* results. still with error. lots of debugging *effort* with no *results*...


  1. that's why i gave up on computer programming :) too many errors, so i just stick with my video games and internet.

  2. without computer programmers, there wouldn't be computer programs! :D
    and the internet was birthed by physicists! :)