February 13, 2006

teci's thesis, episode 4: a day in thesis making

i have to convince myself that this is defendable

that this is interesting

that this ROCKS!!! :)

okie :)

(LORD help me....!!!!)

ok na naman (hmm) yung vector, gawa na lang ako ng output procedures...

ok na naman (hmm) yung non-vector, gawan ko lang ng taoPtr and other stuff...

so probably stick with vectors? kasi practically yun rin lang naman ang gagawin sa non-vector.

12:52 PM time check.



1:18 PM. thank You LORD!!!
(floating point exception removed) :)
remove all "static" declarations because my variables are not static! they're variable! :p
--> meaning if i have to use them many times, they shouldn't be declared static and they shouldn't retain their original values and defeat the purpose of the program..

1:25PM. yipes!
floating point exception pops its head up once again...

2:45 PM. weird. sometimes with floating point exception, sometimes ok...

4:36 PM. A...OK.
thank You LORD!!!!!
(in the meantime i took a nap, played a little, surfed a little, and drifted off a lot -- physically and mentally.)
thanks God for showing me what's wrong and what needs to be fixed!!!
(specifically, it's about randomizing: to choose randomly among items, there has to be MORE THAN ONE item! duh! :p but it's a special case that the people behind the code haven't really considered...so programmers like me who use their language have to scratch their individual heads before coming to the same answer. waste of time, i say. still, a testimony that even computer whizzes are human. hope they turned to God and finally found Him along the way :D like i've been doing right now!!!)

4:48 PM.
finalized debugging (at least for THIS problem), will now proceed to remove all indicator comments (these are the 'signs' along the way to check if the program is doing what it's supposed to do...).

5:02 PM. now what?
do for large-scale data!!!! yeah! :)
um, wait, get a valid output procedure first! :)

5:10 PM. meat of the matter.
get good ways of how to output data:
* stability time (no more ****)
--> as fraction of ****
* *** at stable time
--> as fraction of ****
* *** at stable time

2:47 AM. still awake!!!
hehe, don't think i've been programming all this time :D went home to have dinner with my family (happy birthday bro Dex and cuzin Ayeen!), was away for four hours or so.
now optimizing my program...

WOW! Thanks God!!! listen to me, OPTIMIZING my program?!?! meaning, it's already working and all i'm doing is to make it better? :) yahoo!!! :)

though i have to sleep too...and check my students' papers (oops...)

3:17 AM. woohoo!
woohoo! am on a roll...well, of course not, debugging doesn't come easy...but it really feels good when there are no errors reported by the computer. :)
(for those of you out there who are seriously concerned and want to tell me to get a life, i am! that's why it took so long to do my thesis in the first place! :) )

3:55 AM. yahoo!! hey hey hey!!!
i honestly need to get some sleep....
and i do feel sleepy....
but i love debugging!!! :)
(especially when the errors are non-existent!)

my program now optimized and ready to run. will have it run for varying parameters, while i finally get some sleep :) hope there's still time to prepare for my class!!! :)

whee :)

thank You Lord :) :)

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