June 23, 2008

science and God, dancing and architecture

Talking about music is like dancing about architecture. --- Steve Martin

Thanks to this entry, I now know that people are starting to say that there is something “before” the Big Bang :) Well, whether there is or not, I say that there is something “beyond” the Big Bang until now, something that science cannot directly observe nor measure, hence something that science cannot address.

Some people think that God is not real simply because God is not “scientific”. In fact, it is science that has built-in limitations, not God. :) Science deals only with what can be observed, measured, and repeated. God is none of those --- or to be more accurate, God reveals Himself when and how He wants to; we have no control of the situation.

But the scientific practices of observation, experimentation, and critical thinking need NOT be thrown out the window. Thankfully, these can and are being applied to the Christian life...just not in the same way that the "hard sciences" do it. Heck, it's not even in the same way that the "soft sciences" do it!

There's a lot of chauvinism in my field (science, particularly, physics). i'd rather not elaborate! ;p

But regarding atheists who reject God in the name of science, thankfully it is easier to explain than dancing about architecture :) (or talking about music, at least for me! ;p)

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