June 23, 2008

[Book] "Intellectuals Don't Need God, and Other Myths of the Modern World"

Intellectuals Don't Need God, and Other Myths of the Modern World
Alister E. McGrath
Zondervan / 1993 / Paperback

Book Description:
If you've struggled to make Christianity convincing to your friends, family, and coworkers, you'll appreciate this unique approach to apologetics. McGrath gives you a people-based method to overcoming intellectual and emotional obstacles to faith, and shows you how to relate the gospel to people where they're at in their lives. This picks up where the traditional intellectual riddles leave off! 224 pages, paper from Zondervan.

Publisher's Description:
This book is a presentation and defense of Christianity and of its claims to truth and relevance in the great marketplace of ideas.

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5 out of 5 stars Reviewed by david s. (olathe ks), September 09, 2007

Just a wonderfully intelligent "apologetic" study showing good, sane and sober reasons and reasoning for some basic theistic, biblical, Christian beliefs such as the existence of God and the resurrection of Jesus for instance. There is a wealth of deep, yet manageable, thought here for one to ponder.

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