June 7, 2008

the Creator God and the Son sacrificed...*in India*

Do texts from other cultures and other *faiths* confirm with what is written in the Bible? Specifically, that Jesus Christ is the *ONE* Savior of the world?

This blog entry was written last year: "the Creator God and the Son sacrificed...*in China*"

Now i just learn about this: "What the Hindu Scriptures reveal about Jesus Christ?"

Check it out. There are various links to deeper information about the Christian life, particularly in the Indian/Hindu context.

Here are some excerpts:

In the Satpatha Brahmanam, we read, “Prajapatir yagnah” – “God Himself is the sacrifice.”

In Tandya Maha Brahmanam of Sama Veda, we read, Sru: “Prajapatir devebhyam atmanam yagnam krutva prayachhat” – “God would offer Himself as a sacrifice and obtain atonement for sins.”

Satapadha Brahmanam says, “Tasya prajapatirardhameva martyamasidardhamrutam” – God became half mortal and half immortal.” This means that He united in Himself the human and the divine.

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