June 23, 2008

[Book] "Genes, Genesis and God"

Genes, Genesis and God
Holmes Rolston III
Cambridge University Press / 1999 / Paperback

Book Description:
(PUB Cambridge University) Features the famous Gifford Lectures delivered at the University of Edinburgh in November 1997, including a stinging critique of Richard Dawkins's "selfish gene" and Edward O. Wilson's "sociobiology." "One of the most sober and intelligent voices in the discussion between biology and theology,"---Christian Century. 400 pages, softcover.

Customer Review:
0 out of 5 stars, 1 out of 1 reviewby Charles Wright (Spring, Texas), September 11, 2005

The book takes upon faith that evolution is indeed the vehicle by which man has evolved. The main argument for evolution in the book is based on computer simulations of complex computer programs programming themselves and thereby evolving (what the author fails to find is that the computer, nor the program performing the programming, assembled themselves but were rather specifically built to perform that task). The author also tries to discredit God as a mere desire derived from the human condition and fails to identify distinct differences between animal and man.

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