June 23, 2008

[Book] "The Case For A Creator"

The Case For A Creator
By: Lee Strobel
Zondervan / 2004 / Hardcover

Book Description:
From evolutionary icons to the uniqueness of planet Earth, from irreducible complexity to the kalam cosmological argument, Lee Strobel gives full rein to his keen analytical mind in addressing these issues and more. But don't expect an inaccessible tome of arcane scientific terms; Strobel's years of newspaper reporting gives the book a conversational style. Relying on transcriptions of his interviews with experts in the pertinent fields, he tells the incredible stories about the hard science behind what some have termed creationism. Extensively researched, this book should be a classic apologetic text for years to come.

Publisher's Description:
Lee Strobel investigates the latest scientific discoveries to see whether they form a solid basis for believing in God.

Publisher's Weekly:
Strobel, whose apologetics titles The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith have enjoyed strong popularity among evangelicals, approaches creation/evolution issues in the same simple and energetic style. The format will be familiar to readers of previous Case books: Strobel visits with scholars and researchers and works each interview into a topical outline. Although Strobel does not interview any "hostile" witnesses, he exposes readers to the work of some major origins researchers (including Jonathan Wells, Stephen Meyer and Michael Behe) and theistic philosophers (including William Lane Craig and J. P. Moreland). Strobel claims no expertise in science or metaphysics, but as an interviewer he makes this an asset, prodding his sources to translate jargon and provide illustrations for their arguments. At times, the interview format loses momentum as seams begin to show between interview recordings, rewrites, research notes and details imported from his subjects' CVs (here, Strobel's efforts at buffing his subjects' smart-guy credentials can become a little too intense). The most curious feature of the book-not uncommon in the origins literature but unusual in a work of Christian apologetics-is that biblical narratives and images of creation, and the significance of creation for Christian theology, receive such brief mention. Still, this solid introduction to the most important topics in origins debates is highly accessible and packs a good argumentative punch. (Apr.) Forecast: Strobel's books The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith won Gold Medallion awards and sold into the seven figures. This month, also watch for his The Case for Easter to argue for the historical authenticity of the Resurrection (Feb.) Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

Editorial Reviews:
"…Strobel exposes the shortcomings of Darwin’s theory of evolution quite effectively…Strobel insists that with a fresh examination of the evidence which science now presents, Darwin’s theory of evolution is no longer reasonable. There are too many gaps, unexplained hypotheses and conceptual flaws…This is an excellent book for those who wish to think seriously through the theory of evolution, and for those who continue to wrestle with Christianity’s claims for a creator God. It is well written, the documentation is verifiable and Strobel’s skills as a journalist and lawyer are self-evident in the book’s composition…" —
Christian Week -- Prince George, B.C.

"… While the subject matter is complicated and 'heavy in the head', Strobel presents the information in a highly fluid, conversational manner. While science may not have discovered God, he finds that science is giving faith an immense boost as new findings emerge about the incredible complexity of the universe." — Carroll County News -- Alan Long (CNN Faith Editor)

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5 out of 5 stars,
Reviewed by Vonny Kusumawati (California), April 03, 2007

Great book. I was taught many of the false and misleading scientific discoveries through out college. I'm glad that I found this book. It's a must read for everyone involved in children, teenager and youth ministries.

5 out of 5 stars,Reviewed by Heather Kuruvilla (Xenia, OH), May 24, 2005

This book is awesome! It was a great encouragement to me, as a scientist. I wish more young scientists would read it.

4.5 out of 5 stars,Reviewed by Alan (Daphne, AL), February 27, 2005

A must read for anyone interested in apologetics. The theories can be a little difficult to grasp at times, but Strobel does an excellent job of portraying it all in a fairly understandable manner. Very enlightening.

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