December 9, 2012

When God speaks but doesn't say

 "You're still in rebellion and you know what that is."


Just riding home from work and I felt God say this. And yes, I do know what "that" is. (Yes, Lord.)

It's amazing enough that the Great Creator of the Universe cares enough about the details of puny human lives...

But how good of Him to speak "just enough", for us to connect the dots and fill in the blanks. For us to be active participants in the learning process and not just be spoonfed robots. (As a teacher, I know how challenging this is.)

Aside from being effective, there's also a different kind of adventure when there's a mystery involved. Do you like spoilers? I don't. I'd rather not know what the author or director knows; I want to be as confused, intrigued, and surprised as the characters in a story. So in the story of my life, written and directed by Him, I'd actually prefer not to know :)

Lastly, I find it gracious that even though He and I both know where I am in error, He would rather not say. How gentlemanly! It's not like I'd be publicly humiliated in my mind but thank You anyway ^_^

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." 
--- Jesus

I don't want to be in rebellion. It's an empty waste of a life. Thank You for reminding me where I am in error, and for how You say (what You don't say).

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