December 2, 2012

In case of emergency

Is this how we think of God?

Yes, God is "our refuge and strength in times of trouble"... but what about the other times? Do we treat Him like a fire extinguisher, collecting dust (at the back of our minds) until the next emergency?

Our God is bigger than any emergency. I've been a Christian long enough to observe that whenever something feels like it's a CRISIS, it's because I've lost sight of CHRIST. My universe was revolving around something else, such that when a problem appears, I panic because my new god can't really do anything about it.

In case of emergency, I find myself running to God. Which makes me realize how *far* I've drifted from Him. But that's OK --- what matters is we're back together. :)

In case of emergency, I need to break my heart. And put Him back inside.

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