May 15, 2012

Underground Warfare

Here's a journal entry of a man in deep spiritual warfare. From the book "Fight" by Kenny Luck.

December 9, 2006

"It was a hot LZ [landing zone; military term]. I never stopped firing. I prayed for the destruction of the building by an earthquake as an event that would speak to this people about God's displeasure and create an openness to a witness of the gospel. I claimed every life I encountered for Jesus, every wood beam, and every brick. Alan and I acted like we were pointing and commenting when, in fact, we were praying warfare prayers. I have never seen this kind of paganism, and yet Jesus was with Alan and me. We could sense His presence and covering like Daniel and his friends did in the flames of the fiery furnace.

"We prayed against all powers, thrones, principalities, and evil raised up in this place against the knowledge of God. We prayed against the lies and bondage of these precious ones of God (“Woe to those who make My little ones stumble”). We asked for the destruction of all images and idols. We asked for God's kingdom to come. We asked for God to set these captives at our feet free. We prayed the Scripture from John 17:3: “That they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.” We prayed for every cacique's [local mob boss'] mind and for the destruction of strongholds and patterns of thought. We prayed for miraculous signs that would cut through culture and communicate God's power like nothing else. We declared the drunken before us for Jesus and not for evil, that they would drink a new wine of the Holy Spirit. 

"We prayed the Scripture. We prayed truth. We prayed in His mighty Name."

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