January 7, 2012

Not there yet? Follow on.

An encouragement from the great John Wesley. Do not fret because of what is not yet, but be happy in trust that He will act on what He promised.

Follow on in Faith

"Imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises."
- Hebrews 6:12

Have you received a good hope of God's promise to be created anew in His image? Have you a strong consolation through grace that He will perform it? Be no more weary or faint in your mind, but follow on till you attain.

If you thus "taste of the good word and of the powers of the world to come," you will not murmur against God that you are not yet qualified for the inheritance of the saints. Instead of repining at your not being wholly delivered, you will praise God for thus far delivering you.

You will magnify God for what He has already done and take it as an "earnest," a down payment, of what He will do. You will not fret against Him because you are not yet renewed but bless Him that you shall be. Because now your salvation from all sin is "nearer than when you first believed."

Instead of uselessly tormenting yourself because the time is not fully come, you will calmly and quietly wait for it, knowing "it will come, and will not tarry."

You may yet cheerfully endure the burden of sin that still remains in you, because it will not always remain. Yet a little while, and it shall be entirely gone.

Wait the Lord's leisure; be strong, and He shall comfort your heart. Only put your trust in the Lord. 

This is taken from John Wesley's Sermon XXXVII: Satan's Devices, which was reprinted in "Renew my Heart", a devotional collection.

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