January 23, 2012

The Lord giveth (work). Blessed is He. :)

"I guess he figures since he gave me my career, he can take it away."

"Hey. He didn't give you anything.
You get hired because you've got drive, talent and love for what you do.
That's a gift from God, not some video director."

Happy to watch Honey again this morning :)
First saw this as a college senior. It's even more resonant now that I'm actually working in a neighborhood that's indeed in the heart of the streets.

Glory to You.

To underline the point: I just got an email from JobsDB.com:

Dear Maria Teresa Pulido,

We noticed that your resume(s) has not been updated for the past 6 months and hope this is because you have found a nice job!

Yes, I did. I "found" the best job for this season on the last line of the last page of their job listings. :) So I wouldn't be updating my resume (for the next job hunt) any time soon. Thanks to JobsDB, to Rye my colleague/church-mate, to FEU - East Asia College...

... and to my Heavenly Father, the source of all that's good and perfect.


  1. Amen. Thank God for my career. I pray I pass all my board exams.

  2. Amen and thank God too. :) God bless you Rahul!