December 3, 2011

Thank You (December 3, 2011)

And I want to thank You
For giving me the best day of my life
And, oh, just to be with You
Is having the best day of my life

 - Dido 

Thank You, Lord, for this season of growth. I'm back to (real) work after four years, and it's my heaviest work load ever. The word "transition" is an understatement. :) This season, it seems that every day I have to make a "life" decision aside from the daily issues of what to wear, eat, and teach. Finally growing into myself, eh? :) 

Thank You for the freedom. I'm listening to Snow Patrol's "Called Out in the Dark", over and over again. The phrase "We do not need to be told" suddenly struck me. I've been obsessing about deciding in accordance with *God's Will*, but how much of that is based out of --- again --- fear? Some decisions are clear enough already, while some options are equally good; do I still have to be told? Thank You for the freedom to decide in the present, for my future.

Interestingly, according to the lyrics sites, the phrase is actually "(our rain-washed histories, well) they do not need to be told." That's a different message, but it still points back to God setting me free from my past. Thank You for the freedom to start anew. 

Thank You for them movies :) I got to watch my top two favorite movies of all time (at least for now) - "One More Chance", and "Easy A", back to back. I love a good story, where you get not just feel-good entertainment, but wisdom too. Thank You Lord, for cable TV, and for Your perfect screening times :) (Thanks also to my previous fave movie, "Forrest Gump", and to a future fave --- may it be completed --- "Redeeming Love".) 

Thank You for all things new. A few days ago, one friend of my father's gave him a phone, and another gave him a battery for his current phone. What seemed redundant at first is now simply providential: I just lost my phone with all contacts, pictures and information therein. So just like that, I get a "new" phone, minus all the baggage of the past. Teci, let's not waste this opportunity to start afresh --- in phone contacts and relationships in general, in work, in life. 

Thank You for my body. Cliche but true --- my body (and yours!) is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. What am I doing to take care of it? I'm slimming down due to stress, and the constraints of time and money. My fitness trainer brother keeps on reminding me that regular exercise is a much better alternative. Hopefully, when I board near UP Diliman, I can get to jog, swim, play football, and do aero/tae/bo/dance again. Help me take care of my body Lord, for my sake and Your glory! 

Thank You for the attention. Nowadays I get a lot of attention, including much intrigue and gossip. While I never asked for fame (!), it is rather useful for a blogger like me who believes she has something to say. (A lot actually.) I used to enjoy corrupting people's minds --- it's a good thing nobody paid much attention then! :p 

Thank You for my bro. Dexter graciously gave me his iPod when I needed to fill in the long commute to work (from San Mateo, Rizal, to FEU in Sampaloc, Manila). I'm now listening to his downloaded Joel Osteen podcasts on overcoming fear and moodiness --- that being consistent and stable are acts of faith. My issues right now are about discipline and self-control and taking responsibility for my actions. "The LORD disciplines those He loves," the Bible tells us twice.

Just a month earlier, while I was (am) still wavering in career decisions, Dex also recommended that I watch "3 Idiots". I said I read about it in Wikipedia already. "No, you have to watch it," and I did that same night on his laptop. Yup, watching it is an experience. And so, Ma'am Teci made her students watch it. (All of them, by the way, are engineering majors like the lead characters.) Thanks bro. 

Thank You for my parents. And their unconditional support. (Need I say more?)

Thank You for new relationships. The old ones are great and are still there, but I'm happy because now I have more. After sixteen years (!) studying, teaching and living in the district of Diliman Quezon City, everything and everyone in old Manila is new for me. I'm learning a lot and am being so blessed by the people I encounter - parental figures (who readily share their advice, exams, food and money hihi), peers (who like me are just a thesis away from graduating!), and students (for me, the one thing better than teaching, is the fact that I'm ministering to people). Just like that, I'm going to Iloilo next month with new friends (Lyza, Sharol, Bless), to attend the wedding of a new friend (Emee). And last night, Emee introduced me to her friend Ann, who just might be our newest colleague. Life is good, no, great.

God says, "It is not good for man to be alone". That's true for me too. On my first day in my new work, I also caught our local church's "Singles' Getaway". I got to talk with one of our pastors (Hi Kuya Edge!) who exhorted me to get out of my way to be with other people whenever I find myself alone. I go back to that advice every now and then. When I was boarding alone, in a new city with nothing but the papers I have to check and the life decisions I have to make, I immediately understood why solitary people are more likely to commit suicide. It's great to be alone with God, preferably quality time with quantity, but the rest of the day is for applying what I've learned, what He's sent me to do. Thank You, thank You for relationships :) 

Thank You for my work. I am currently a physics and math teacher in Far Eastern University - East Asia College. I've grown a lot from the time when I taught out of convenience or comfort or just because everyone else (in my field) is doing it. Now I do it because I want to. I've been a teacher since I was in fifth grade so it was easy to take it for granted. But now, I am realizing how special it is to find something (1) you're really good in, (2) that you love doing, (3) that people would pay you to do, and (4) that blesses everyone involved, including me. 

Thank You for my finances. Thank You for providing for me and I am sorry for ever doubting You. Thank You for taking care of me, and enabling me to support and take care of others too. Thank You even for the season of famine, to remind me that (1) man does not live on bread alone but on Your Word, (2) You are in control, not me nor circumstances, (3) You are the owner but I am a manager/steward. May I be more responsible. :) 

Thank You for clear boundaries. "Everything is permissible," the Bible says, "but not everything is beneficial." I thank You for Your boundaries, so I can thrive within my limits instead of wandering aimlessly. Indeed, these are limits that actually liberate. 

Thank You for having a lot of things to thank about. This was supposed to be a quick blog entry. 

Thank You for You. Jesus, the Son of God and the Son of Man, said that He came here to give life and life to the full. I am living proof that He does.

How about you, dear reader? Would you like to experience God -- The Answer to all your needs and wants... The One Who Is More Than Enough?

Try inviting Him into your life, to make Himself known to you. To show Himself. If you need help, you can ask for it. (A little humility is worth the answers He's going to give.)

May we all find so many reasons to thank Him, that we can't thank Him enough. :)

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