December 31, 2011

New lessons from ye olde year :)

Behold, I make all things new.
- Jesus

This year I grew up.

I'm still disappointed with things that should have been, that are in my "power" to do something about (read: dissertation)...

But really happy about waiting on God, for His perfect timing and direction (read: work). "Work according to the covenant I made with you," He says, and clear commands demand clear obedience.

For this commandment that I command you today
is not too hard for you, neither is it far off...
But the word is very near you. 
It is in your mouth and in your heart, so that you can do it.
(Deuteronomy 30:11,14)

Clear commands also mean I don't have to doubt or second guess or change my mind anymore. It's no longer about what I feel like doing, but what I should be doing, regardless.

Stability. The ability to fix on a particular course of action... Then actually moving in that direction.

Stability also means not going to extreeeeeemes, swinging heavily back and forth. It's about being balanced and healthy and sane.

I'm learning :)

"I am with you *always*," Jesus said, "Until the end of the age."

Thank You Lord for that. We --- I! --- need all the help I can get!

Thank You for this New Year. I'm excited because I'm armed with all the lessons that I'm learning from 2011.

Help me to honor You first, and trust in You all throughout.


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