October 22, 2007

the storyteller's daughter =)

"They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen." --- Romans 1:25

i knock.

"Ei, um, God? Do you have a minute?"

"Always." There's that serene, quiet confidence in the voice i have come to know so well, the voice that called forth the stars and the seas into being, and now lives in my heart as well.

"i'd just like to say," i started as i casually strolled through the squeaky clean ivory floor in mucky tattered sandals to get closer to Him, "that they were right all along. You *do* make better stories than we can ever think of."

"Of course." He looked at me. "But we both know that already, right?"

"Yes, i mean, sure i already know that, *theoretically*. Because You're *God* and all, and i'd even be more surprised if it wasn't like that...
But it's reality now. i mean, it's all becoming true --- *Your* story. And it wins hands down over mine. And, in the past i've already seen that, but...not like *this*. Not as much as now. *This* is too much. And this is all just the *beginning*.
Anyway, it's too much. It's too, toooooo good.
And i'd just like to say thanks."

i smiled. He smiled.

"Well, is that all you came to say?"

"Of course not. i mean, yeah, that's all i came to say, but i'm not finished. i'm not going anywhere just yet."

"But what about the story that I'm giving you to live out?"

"That can wait. There are more important things to do."

And i throw myself into His waiting arms.

"That's My girl," He whispered. "Me pinagmanahan." ["You got that from --- your Father."]


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