October 5, 2007

Click, Blog, and Give. (Pwease!)

Aren't they just the cutest? :)

Blogger (yes, which hosts sites ending in "blogspot.com" and powered by Google) has partnered up with DonorsChoose, whose home page features these two aw-shucks-too-cute kids.

For more information on how each and every one of us can help, please do check out this article.

Which reminds me of the Hunger Site, which enables people on the net to feed the hungry by just clicking on their site! No spam, no strings attached. Basically the sponsors count the number of clicks per day to determine how much they'll give. Of course the site encourages visitors to click on the sponsors' links too, to encourage the sponsors to continue their goodwill. :) But all perfectly legal sites, no hassle for the clicker-visitor; i can guarantee that as i've been one for almost ten years (but not regularly enough!) :)

Isn't it amazing that ending world hunger starts with a single click...

As amazing as ending one's own spiritual hunger starts with a single prayer. :)

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