October 19, 2007

nothing else matters (or, it's not a condition, just a side effect!)

It's not a condition; it's an effect :)

(And only a side effect at that!)

The Verse of the Day over at BibleGateway is this:

Delight yourself in the LORD
and He will give you the desires of your heart.

--- Psalm 37:4

i love that psalm :)

And that verse is often given as a cause-effect thing: "If you really want something, want the Lord first."

Which is hard, like having a genie in front of you, saying that before you wish for something, wish for something else.

Kinda like this other verse that many of us have been singing since we were kids:

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. --- Matthew 6:33

But i've been a Christian long enough to know the following:

  1. Putting God first is what we're supposed to do anyway. (Y' know, like, let God be God!)
  2. God is goodness itself; where He is, all good things are too.
  3. When God is your center, bad/evil/suffering doesn't really matter.
  4. When God is your center, all other good things don't really matter too.
Wow. Am i surprised that these words are coming out from me! Ms. Prodigal Hedonist to the Max!

You see, dear readers, God just told me something. (Well, isn't this week just full of surprises!)

Which is a really, really GOOD thing.

And my soul rejoices in what is to happen, that thing which is good in itself...

But all the more, i rejoice in God Himself. :)

It's like, the more He really brings on the blessings, the more i realize that i don't need them anyway...the more i realize that they're not the things that make me happy, and they can all vanish for all i care.

Dear dear God,
thank You for helping me realize
that nothing else matters.


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