December 25, 2006

musings of a gift wrapper

(the one who WRAPS the gifts, NOT the paper...oh well. ;p merry CHRISTmas everyone! :) )

now i have experienced the time, effort, sacrifice, and LOVE showered upon me by those who have given me gifts in the past. from the selection (what gift is suitable for them? what does she need? what does he want?) to the presentation (the wrapping must be JUST right).

now i know, because i am doing it myself. i have never felt so generous and thoughtful --- it's an answered prayer, this Christmas gift-giving adrenaline rush! -- and i'm so happy that the gifts are, FOR them :)

in giving and in loving, may we all come a little closer to realizing the giving and the loving that GOD is showering upon us...especially as we celebrate the Father sending His Son who gave His very life, and the Holy Spirit guiding us to goodness and life, eternal and to the full.

merry Christmas everyone :)

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