December 22, 2006

hey, dudes!

here are two interesting wake-up calls (or knocks on the head) for entertainers who are, after all, public figures. found in the Feedback section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Dec. 12, 2006. okay, okay, i printed this mainly because one of them was mine :) (yay, the editors thought it worthy enough to be published, even if partially! :D )

Hey, dudes!

From Teci Pulido (, Modesta Village, San Mateo:
We were watching "Eat Bulaga" today (Dec. 1) and heard Mr. Joey de Leon commenting on the inconvenience of having canceled shows and tapings because of mega-typhoon Reming. He said that next time, there should be cancellations "kapag umuulan na talaga (when it's already raining)."
I found that short-sighted and selfish. I, for one, applaud PAG-ASA and Malacanang's efforts to be cautious and warn the people ahead of time. It was a far cry from years past, when classes and offices were suspended too late in the day, when most people had already gone out. Which is more inconvenient, Mr. de Leon?

From Sanny Cruz (, 129 Plassey Street, Penarth, Wales, UK:
I caught excerpts of Miss Earth 2006 on Ariel Ureta's hosting style didn't cut it for me. I found him rude and his jokes, inappropriate. He interrupted Miss Venezuela, who was still speaking, by saying, "Enough, enough." He told Ms. Egypt, "No cheating." I hope next year's organizers will assign someone better!

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