December 11, 2006

demons in our midst.

(what can you say about a man who kills his own adult daughter? what if the man's excuse was that his daughter was possessed by demons? the original story is found here...and two comments including my own are found here. you can also read the story and comments below...and to echo "grandma pat", the first commenter, what do you think?)


(1) BBC news story

Daughter 'possessed by demons'

By Adnan Adil
BBC Urdu service, Lahore

Pakistani police have arrested a man accused of murdering his 22-year-old daughter because he said she was possessed by demons.
The incident took place on Thursday in the remote village of Dus Ale in Harappa district in Punjab province.
Police say the father, Jamal Arain, confessed to killing his daughter with a butcher's knife.
They say he also confessed to putting the body on a pyre, with the help of his sons, and setting it on fire.
'Charred to bone'
The men were arrested as news of the incident filtered out of the remote area.
Local police also recovered the body, '"which was charred to the bone" according to Falak Sher, the police official in charge.
Police say Mr Arain told them a "churail' (female demon) had possessed his daughter a few days ago and threatened to kill him and his sons.
The father said that on Thursday the churail attacked his daughter and he killed her before the demon could take full control of her body.
According to police, the father said his daughter's possession had stemmed from the time of her recent engagement.
He added that soon after her engagement she set her dowry on fire.
Every year hundreds of women are killed in Pakistan in disputes over their right to marry of their own will.
The culprits are usually family members and the motives stated for the murder are either outlandish or honour based.
If the culprits are family members, they often escape punishment as under Pakistan's Islamic laws, the victim's family has the right to forgive the culprits.


(2) first comment (not mine)

how horrible and sad to read this. all over the world, women are supressed in their rights to do what they feel is good for them. i don't believe for a minute she was possessed by 'a demon'. the father was p.o'ed that she was engaged to be married. (shame on the family??) the father sounds like he was possessed in his ambition to kill her. by the in the hell can a father kill his child??? i can't fathom that. i mean, really,'s demented and sick, and just plain evil. i hope they all go to jail, chances are...they'll get away w/it, ya think???


(3) my comment

in killing his daughter it seems like he was the one possessed by demons :(

but in committing this terrible crime he needs help all the more. this man needs God. i do NOT believe he is completely evil and utterly hopeless; we should not condemn him because at one point in our lives -- maybe even right now -- we were or are as wretched as he.

i'm not justifying the terrible act he committed, but turning our backs on him now would only make things worse. i know it's easier said than done but we have to choose to help him and choose to believe that there is hope for him as well as for the rest of us.

God bless and may God enable us to always do what is good, right and best.

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