July 1, 2006

thesis thanks! =)

(what follows is the entire SIX-PAGE acknowledgement section on my master's thesis. i could not thank everyone (there are still those i didn't get to mention), and that very fact is something i'm thankful for as well :) i also noted at least two grammatical errors, one in English and one in Filipino, but i'll keep them here for sentimental reasons...and so you'll be forced to read everything, ha! pero really, thank You God. it is over; it is finished; it is done. :) )
But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise;
God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

1 Corinthians 1:27 :)

My MS life and this MS Physics thesis could not have been possible if not for the following people. I am so blessed to know, to work with, to laugh with, to laugh at (hehehe!), and to be with all of you. :)

Jesus Christ, my Savior and my Lord: Though i’m such a bratty evil kid You’ve never loved me any less. In grad school i've learned so much about You. Life with You is nothing short of amazing and truly without comparison. Thank you so much for speaking my language, for realigning my dreams, for reawakening my talents…but most of all, for dying so that we would live together forever. All of me is all for You. :)

Sir Caesar Saloma: Sir, thanks so much for all the insights and for always looking at the big picture when i get bogged down with details. Thanks for reminding me through example that scientists need not be oblivious to the world around them but should actually share their expertise with society. Thanks for all the big laughs, even those at my expense, hehehe! God bless sa pagiging CS Dean and always, more power and more grace (hindi po grace sa pagsayaw!) :)

Ma’am Marisciel “Dixie” Litong-Palima: Ma’am! Sana po hindi lumaking katulad ko sina Ned and Mat! Or kung maging katulad ko man, at least nahasa na po to the max ang inyong patience and tolerance. Ma’am Dixie, i cannot thank you enough for being my adviser. Kung meron mang magtatanong about God’s bottomless immeasurable mercy, tandaan niyo na lang po ang tiniis niyo sa akin during thesis time. Hehe...Paano ba ‘yan Ma’am, i'm still here! Ayoko pong mangako at mapako, pero sisikapin ko po na hindi na maulit ang (in your words) “harrowing experience” na ito. :)

Sir Christopher “Chris” Monterola: Hi sir! Sana nakapag-adjust ka na sa “new me”, hehehe! Sir, more than the drive to be excellent, natutunan ko po sa inyo na binigyan tayo ng talents and blessings para gamitin. PhD? Indeed, why not? Thanks for having not just one motivational talk with me: it paid off, i’m here! It’s inevitable that your enthusiasm and energy would rub off on everyone you meet, including moi. Thanks for reminding me why i'm here, and why, despite all my “outside plans”, i choose to stay. God bless on being a daddy :)

Ma’am Cristine Villagonzalo: Thank you po for being a fine example of a scientist and teacher. Ma’am, kinuha ko po kayong reader because a dear friend said that having you as a panelist/reader sets the bar much higher up. Totoo po ‘yan! Even without saying anything you exude excellence, and if i'm going to do anything why should it be anything less than excellent? Thanks po for showing that, even if pass-fail lang ang thesis, mayroong 100% and 1.0 na grade because these standards can be and are being reached. :)

Sir Ronald Banzon: Thanks po for being all cheery and lighthearted! Kaya po na-mislead niyo ang buong batch namin nung nag-102 kami, akala naming madali lang, nyuk nyuk nyuk…Thanks po for being the reachable, accessible one, na pwedeng bulabugin even for a change of grade in 232 kahit wala nang pag-asa. (Well, hindi nga po napalitan yung grade, pero at least hindi po nakakahiyang lumapit, hihi…tsaka abot pa rin po pala sa 2.0 grade average cutoff so ok lang…) Sir, let’s continue smiling! (Hehe, sinama ko pa sarili ko!) :)

Johnrob “Jrob” Bantang: Hey Jrob! Thanks so much for all the input and meticulous program encoding…With your readiness --- nay, eagerness! --- to help, grabe, i sometimes forgot that you were doing your own dissertation and advising two people who were defending their own theses! You were never too busy to help this lost girl, and i really appreciate that. And, more importantly, thanks for the eye-opening discussions on faith. Like the scientist that you are, continue searching for the answers, and like the teacher/adviser/mentor that you are, continue sharing what you’ve learned with others. God bless being a new daddy! :)

Ma’am May “May” Lim: Thank you for being such an inspiration. Even though wala ka dito sa lab, it’s still your abilities and your mark of excellence that sets the standard for us, and for me. You do everything so well and it seems so effortless, compared to few results and much effort for me. A, tama, tayo yung bin-alance out ni Lord! Hehehe. We can’t wait to have you back with us and share what you’ve learned from the “outside world”, but in the meantime we’ll slacken off muna, joke! :)

Margaret Louise “Meggy” Honrado: Hey meggy, grad students na tayo! When are we going to write those books ala Tolkien and Lewis? Yeah! Let’s start early para marami tayong magawang international bestsellers, diba? Thanks for being my outlet for cheesiness! Thanks because i love to disagree with you, even if deep down i know you’re right…ooops! Siguro tayo na ang best proof that Jeannie has a split personality, nyuk nyuk nyuk…Bring on the Wolvie movie para ma-okray ko na!!!... I love being a girly giggly fan (of anything!) because you are too. Thanks for telling me *years* ago that if i want to do something (write, join UP Quill), i should just go ahead. Hindi ko agad nagawa then pero i'm getting there…And thanks for giving me enough slack in thinking that i just need to be “reminded” of some things, hehe. Thanks for the friendship, see you sa New Worlds! :)

Sarah Katherine “Achee” Alfonso: Hi Paris Hilton in overalls! Hahaha! OK lang yan, di ka naman kilala ng karamihan dito…Salamat sa…free ride sa kotse! Yun lang! Hahahahaha!!!! Chee, sino ba mauuna sa atin ikasal? Baka unahan pa tayo ng apo ni nina! Pero all in His perfect timing diba? (Lord, paunahin mo na ako ke ach! Hehehe!) Chee, salamat talaga for all those loooong talks long ago, kahit ako lang naman talaga yung nag-talk at nasa very public place ako umiiyak. Ang galing ni Lord, ‘no, you were there all along. Chee, remember how we became friends? Me fanfiction pa tayong nalalaman ‘nun! E ngayon, me real-life adventures ka na; ako meron din pero dito lang sa good ol’ Diliman. Alam mo, our lives run better than any fic or fanfic. Grabe, it’s eleven years since high school, and eleven years na tayo friends! Coolness! Here’s to another decade of…me hitching a ride! Mwah mwah! :)

Anna Nina “Ninsky” Chua: Ninski! Kelan ba kayo magkakaanak ni Dan? Para ninang kami ni chee! Alam mo bang you’re my friend for the longest time? It’s been 17 years girl! Salamat for your loyalty, salamat for all the times we just hung out and bummed around, salamat for just being there. Sino ba sa mga Battle teammates ang totoong friends, and still communicate, hmmm? Tayo lang! (Ooops oo nga pala, dalasan nga natin mag-email!!!) Life is fun because of you. Sana you’re having a blast sa Oz. (Nakita nyo na ba yung Wizard? Ay corny…) Dalaw ka naman minsan, you know we all miss you girl! Or basta, usap naman tayo, kahit email para “free”, pero gusto ko sing-haba ng PhD dissertation ang kwento mo ha? Ha? Ha? Just show them how great you are! Mwah! :)

Gwendolyne “Gwenee” Pascua: Thanks for your noble spirit: it keeps me going! Lagi nating tandaan ang Philippians 4:8! At tanggalin na natin ang ating pagiging ___-hater, hehehe! Let’s keep fighting the good fight, superwoman! :)

Geraldine “Gege” Dumlao: Thanks for being cool and quirky! Your looking at the other side of things balances me out. Thanks for being sensible when i'm just…fanatical! Ge, i-me-makeover mo pa ko right? At mag-v-Victory Weekend ka na right? :)

Aristotle “Aris” Calamba: Your humility and your gentleness and your kindness amaze me. Clean slate talaga! Instead of being resentful or envious i should be inspired, and i am. Thanks for being an inspiration --- pero someone i can still laugh with, and laugh at! Ooops! :)

Catherine “Cathy” Serrano: To my 2006 Valentine, yihi! Some people just click ‘no? Well, magka-wavelength talaga eh! Ang difference lang ata natin ay field of specialty, pero pareho pa rin namang science! Pero there’s enough “differences” to keep our friendship from being boring. Thanks for your being you, an instant friend for keeps! :)

Gay Jane “Gayjane” Perez: Hi batchmate! Bumabalik na unti-unti ang batchmates mo pero that will never stop our being…”sisters”! Diba sabi ko nga nung grad party with us hindi halata kung sino ang counselor at sino ang counselee! Gay, i love how you can balance our acads and socials. Hindi ako ganun pero knowing you keeps me sane (and insane, hahaha!). Bili uli tayo flowers for ourselves, hehe! :)

Godofredo “Gudz” Bautista, Jr: Uy gudz andito pa rin tayo! Yihi, most outstanding MS student! Salamat sa many good times we’ve had, palibhasa araw-araw na ginawa ni Lord e nagkikita tayo! Gudzie ikaw na lang ang matulog at kumain for me, ako na lang mag-games, o diba? Abay kaming lahat ha! :)

Maria Leilani “Lani” Torres: Thanks for being a source of wisdom and maturity. Early on nag-PDL ako at nakapag-cell at nakapag-kids church dahil sa iyo, things that hey, we’re still doing now! Your experiences and examples keep me balanced. Undergrad pa lang nagtatanungan na tayo kung ano gagawin natin, and look at us, papunta nang PhD! Yeah! It’s great walking with God along the physics path because you’re walking with me :)

Vera Marie “Vera” Sastine: We love BuBu ChaCha and Bo Sanchez…and everything that’s ideal and noble and good-hearted. Thanks for those insightful overnights, even if wala akong nakuhang data e nag-grow naman ang spirit ko. You’re such a kindred spirit. Ngayon, wala na akong madadaldal nang ganun katagal at ka-effortless, pero i just know that God is both with you and with me even if we’re far apart :)

Joy “Joyguev” Guevara: Thanks for being a great example of what a woman of God should be: strong, sensible, selfless, offering all her talents and her very life for His glory, never afraid to think out of the box, still managing to laugh at the simple things. Ma-mi-miss kita Joy; you’re an effective discipler because you live it. :)

All my ka-kosa (cellmates) --- Je, Imon, Leila, Cathy, Gen, Dinky, Sherille…Ron, Malkha, Scion, Bing…Cherry, Andrey, Angie, Jenny (Caspe), Winkie, Lala…Tin, Jenny (Constantino), Gwen, Cel, Lani, Yel, Marge, Bess…and everyone else i failed to mention because we’re so many (!!): You’ve all been there with me, shared, cried and laughed with me. Thank you for your time, your stories, your love, your welcoming arms. Thank you for helping me know God and how to deal with life as we follow Him. Thank you for friendships that suddenly bloom and will never stop growing. Truly, sisters in Christ are friends forever :)

Jeni Rose “Jeni” Lazarte: Thanks for being just a text away, for supporting and encouraging me even if we don’t see each other much. Salamat for being such a friend. Hindi tayo makapag-gimik masyado, dahil sa ating mga workload, pero pipilitin ko talaga i-postpone ang lahat ng iyon para makapag-bond tayo uli. Salamat sa friendship talaga, for being such a wonderful person :)

Liza Marie “Liza” Villorente: Naaalala mo pa ba nung in-apply natin ang physics 121 (or 122?) sa pag-optimize ng combination ng fishballs-cheesesticks-squidballs? All right! Sayang pagkatapos natin magka-lab hindi na tayo magkasama masyado. (Who am i kidding? Nahiwalay ako dahil nagpa-distract ako sa ___, hehe!) Thank you for all the BIG laughs; thank you for being my best friend in college. Thank you for still being the same ol’ Liza that’s so easy to be friends with. I love you! :)

Ricelle “Cel” Parinas: Once upon a time nagkapareho tayo ng circumstances pero magkaiba ang ating reaction. (Kaya nga nangayayat ka, tumaba naman akoh!) I know you’re living your life right now, pero always remember what we’ve learned ha? Don’t ever forget how He rescued us. PDL reading buddies tayo, cell-mates, and true friends. Bon voyage! :)

Charlene “Len” Hintay: Salamat for the privilege of knowing God more through you. Alam mo ba, your questions keep me on my toes, they keep me alert and relevant and sensible. Salamat for the honor of answering them and for just being a friend who can be there with you. Thank you for reminding me of the important things. Here’s to newfound life, eternal and complete, with Him! :)

Melissa “Mel” Camacho, Jennifer Anne “Jenny” Constantino, and Portia “Porsh” Mendoza: Thanks for the honor of going through the foundations of faith with you. More than disciples, you are my friends. (It’s He we all follow.) Thank you for opening up to me, for listening to my own stories, thank you for the chance to grow together in the likeness of Christ. :)

Maria Bleshielda “Mayshelle” Flores: Maysh, thanks for all the food and style advice and emergency outfits! Salamat sa shoes sa defense day, woohoo! Galing! Continue walking with Him! Buti na lang ginawa tayo ni Lord na roomies though hindi pa tayo nagkasama um-attend ng service. All things for His glory! Mwah! :)

Loujie “Louj” Senatin: Si Louj lang ang parang pagagalitan pa ako nung sinabi kong gusto ko na mag-give up sa thesis…”Ano ka ba?” sabi niya, “Many of us believe in you!” Grabe, na-shock ako nun, at sobrang na-encourage. Salamat louj, napakalaking tulong ng simpleng sagot mong iyon. :)

Maria Veronica “Bonics” Sibayan-Torralba, Katherine Valerie “Val” Ballesteros, and Florence “Flojo” Binua: I miss you both so much! Minsan lang talaga tayo nakapag-chikahan, pero pag nagkaabutan parang walang lumipas na…taon! (Hala ang tanda na natin friends!) Sana magkaroon uli ng chance na magkita-kita tayo, but i know that you’re all going to be successful and bless others so much with who you are. Mu-wah! :)

Kharim “Khar” Omambac: Salamat sa pagiging sober kapag kailangan. Salamat for giving us a taste of BS life outside NIP, para maiba naman diba? Salamat sa iyong sing-song voice na kahit hindi ko pa naririnig yung sinasabi e alam ko na na joke-joke na naman yun. Hay khar, instant batchmate ka talaga namin. Thanks for all the laughs! :)

Mark Jayson “Mark” Llena: Thanks sa dedication mo sa kids and reaching out to friends! Talagang you’ll go out of your way to serve and minister. Mark, be a blessing sa industry, cutthroat competitive world pa naman yan, be a light! :)

Marko “Marko” Arciaga: Si Marko pasimple lang pero pamatay ang mga hirit! Soft-spoken pero ang tindi ng mga sinasabi! Salamat sa pagiging inspirasyon sa teaching at acads. Well, ganyan talaga ang mga genius e! Continue to do everything for His glory! :)

Jenny “Jen” Aggangan: Thank you for your simple quiet ways that say a lot about Who’s in your heart. Iba man ang personalities natin (hehe) pero you’re still such an inspiration. Continue to be a shining light wherever your feet take you. :)

Mary Grace “Ghing” Bato: Hi ghing! Thanks for being so cool and fun. Parang ipinamana ko na sa iyo yung econ topic, so naging ok yung closure for me to move on to other things. Kita ko namang fruitful sa iyo yun e. Parang wala tayong age gap (sabi ko lang yun!)…Just keep on being a well-balanced gal :)

Stephen Daedalus “Dael” Separa: Dael, thanks for continuing to be my friend. I’m happy to see na umuuwi ka na sa inyo, yay! Take it from me and play more with your nephew, awww! Although mawawala na ang housemate ng bayan sa lab, you really owe it to yourself to be with your family…and play more soccer! Yung totoo ha, hindi yung pc or cellphone game! Oo nga pala, “Stephen” na itatawag ko na sa iyo ha :)

Andrew Rafael “Andrew” Banas: Thanks for being so funny and quirky even with the simplest almost-unintelligible words you mumble. You make working overnights much more interesting :)

Mary Jacquiline “Jacq” Romero: Sino pa ba ang maaasahan kong mag-sub sa lecture even without my asking? Jacq can do it all, and with class and style, too! Thanks for being an inspiration, a friend who’s always ready to help out, and most importantly someone who really lives out her faith :)

Elaine Juliet “Laine” Fabonan and Rowena “Weng” Matusalem: Hi lain! Your simple quiet ways are...not my ways, hehe! Magkaiba tayo ng ugali pero oks lang! Weng, ang tagal na nating hindi nagkita, kwento naman dyan! Sana makapag-bonding uli tayong lahat. Thanks sa friendship! :)

Louella Judy “Wewe” Vasquez: Thank you for an example of what it means to follow Christ and to grow in maturity in Him. Thank you for your fearlessness and honesty in just pressing on, and walking by faith and not by sight. Salamat sa privilege of delegating the NIP Women’s cell to me, naaalala nga kita nung pinag-usapan namin kahapon yung Philippians 1:1-11. We, just go forth in His power! Hugz! :)

Alfred “Edu” Samson: Si Edu laging me quiet smile sa mukha --- pinagtatawanan na naman ata ako e! Thanks for all the inspiring text messages and for being a reliable friend. And for all those SonicFlood mp3’s, although, na-co-convict ako na bumili na lang ng sarili kong CD’s, hihi! :)

My texting angels --- Erwin “Erwin” Navarro, Cielo “Cie” Ferraz, Janice “Jan” Navarosa, Kristine “Tin” Velasco, “Julie”, and “Ricky”: Salamat sa napakagandang mga text messages na pinapadala niyo sa akin. They inspire, motivate, encourage me. Salamat for using technology to share God’s Word with everyone. And so i shall do the same :)

Maria Ella Angela “Mea” Marfil: Thanks for the mutual sharing of insights…and dreams! Hihi! Truly, God has written a beautiful love story for each of us, something far better than what we can imagine or hope for. Ang hirap mag-walk by faith, and long-term pa, pero because He has been faithful in the past we can trust Him with our futures. Thanks for reminding me of all these :)

My RM-mates --- Merv, Meggy, Carlo, Gay, Ekkay, Tons, George, Jan, Harry, Earl and Johnrob: Thanks for all the input and for simply taking the time to listen to me. (Na madalas lang sabihin nung thesis crunch-time eh, “Sir, debugging po.”) Your support helped my head and my heart. Even if our research pursuits are individual, truly no woman is an island. :)

Cedric Ivan “Ivan” Pulido: My day immediately brightens up when i hear that chirpy little voice saying, “Ninang!” i am so blessed to be the godmother of the most wonderful child in the world! i love you so much ivan! MWAH! :)

Kim (our puppy): thank you for being so gosh-darn cute! Some people have punching bags to release frustration, but God sent me the cutest puppy in the world when I was this close to the breaking point. Yay =)

Maria Ophelia “Mama” Pulido and Angelo “Papadey” Pulido: Ma, salamat sa advice, sa laging napakasarap na pagkain, sa pagiging konsensya ko especially when the truth is hard to face. Paps, salamat for the opportunity of being your daughter and sharing my faith. i am so blessed that i belong in a complete home, and that you both encouraged me to follow my dreams and not your own. Thank you so much. :)

Dexter Daniel “Jing” Pulido: The coolest bro in the world. i loved you as a cute little cheery baby, pero even when you outgrew that and “out-talled” me i still love yah. Thanks for being my kenkoy outlet, and my connection to being young and un-stressed. i can relate well to my students and to kids because i had much practice early on. Thanks for being you :)

Instrumentation Physics Laboratory: i lab my lab! Thank you for all the opportunities to grow, for all the challenges and skills, for the chance to work with the best so i can be the best. Salamat :)

The Filipino people in general, and the Department of Science and Technology in particular: You have been sustaining and providing for me for eleven years now. Thank you so much. i will pay you back with my efforts. Again, thank you :)

My clans --- The Pulidos, Riveras, Lizardos, and Libunaos: I love being part of a large family, with so many extensions and family friends pa! (Kaya nga abot ng six pages ang thank-you’s eh!) Just belonging, even with all our differences, makes life worth living. Salamat sa inyo :)

Victory Christian Fellowship: I cannot thank you enough. You’ve welcomed me even without knowing who i am, and when you did know you still loved me. You’ve watched and helped me grow as i've watched and helped many of you grow as well. Truly this is a fellowship, truly we are victorious, but all because we are in Christ as Christ is in us. :)

My students, old and new: Thank you for the privilege of being your teacher and being your friend. i hope that i would be able to inspire you, to give you both knowledge and wisdom, and a hunger for the most important One in life. Thank you for the time we have together. i will remember you all :)

Salamat sa inyong lahat.
May God be with us all. :)

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