July 24, 2006

Man, the Leader 3: To Be a Man

before giving the book "For Men Only" to my dad, i just had to read it first. not all of it, just about "The Man and His Marriage" (but of course!!!). so here goes =)

from the book: "For Men Only"*
the section: "The Man and His Marriage"
the article: "Man, The Leader"
by David W. Augsburger (radio speaker, 'The Mennonite Hour')

To be a man
Is to possess the strength to love another,

Not the need to dominate over others.

To be a man
Is to experience the courage to accept another,

Not the compulsion to be an aggressor.

To be a man
Is to keep faith with human values in relationships,

Not to value oneself by position or possessions.

To be a man
Is to be free to give love
And to be free to accept love in return.

* “For Men Only: The Dynamics of Being a Man and Succeeding at It,” edited by J. Allan Peterson, Living Books, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Illinois. 1973.
Article originally from “Cherishable: Love and Marriage,” Herald Press, Scottdale, Pa., 1971.

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