March 4, 2006

teci's thesis, episode 11: the calm after the storm

Halloo! :) i'm back :)

angels (in the form of friends) and circumstances (in the form of the unstable Philippine political system) have helped me make the deadline...well, the deadline of the thesis draft, anyway, and i wasn't really on time, but still...

i made it! thank You GOD!!!! :)

thanks so much to mjr :) for teaching in my place last monday :)

and of course the invaluable boost from cm -- i simply need all the monitoring, mentoring, and motivating i could get!

and mlp's long-term persevering guidance and inspiring anecdote, giving me just the right push at the right time! :) (get well soon po! God is our HEALER!!!!)

i'm not thankful that my country is once again in a state of political turmoil. sadly i've been numb to the past week's rollercoaster of events --- and i say "sadly" theoretically, because i am numb...but i have to be honest enough to say that i am so grateful for the two days that classes were suspended.

this blog entry is already looking like the typical acknowledgement page on a finalized, bound thesis... :) but i'm so grateful already! like what my friend/batchmate sensed during the deadline countdown, the universe is conspiring (tips hat to Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist') and everything was falling into place to fulfill what must be done. so right :)

right after i passed my draft i went to the dorm and slept for 6 hours straight --- this was 8am to 3pm hahaha! hello sleep, did you miss me? i certainly missed you! :)

and now i'm back working (oops, well, before and after writing this...). i didn't really plan on doing this tonight (weekend night? but then again when did i last party during a friday night anyways?...), but my dear young fellow graduating friend asked me if i was staying overnight. hey, why not, and i'd always be glad for the company.

and the sooner i revise my humble little draft, the better, right? :)

is it really human nature (or just my own personality) that when a deadline is far away, one tends to slow down, relax, just slacken? after targetting an immediate deadline i can now take things (relatively) slower.

but i need the time to be grateful, and to sincerely appreciate what i've just gone through.


so thanks everyone! :) for the prayers, for the little comments and messages, for your FAITH in me especially when i did not have faith in myself.

it really means a lot. :)

i'm calm now :)

and even when thankful for a (relatively) distant deadline for the final thesis, i'll be working hard to make sure that everything's a-ok and polished (like my name! haha!).

thanks so much again y'all.

and if it's not too much to ask...i'm requesting for MORE! :) more prayers, messages, help in whatever way or form, for more faith in me :) as i strive to have more faith in HIM in this season. (well, how can my faith not be developed after such miraculous events as being able to pass my thesis? =) )

thanks friends :) may God bless us all by showering us with more of His presence, love and peace. in Jesus' name, i believe. amen :)

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