March 11, 2006

teci's thesis, episode 13: deadline "extended"!!! :p

wheeee. =) deadline for my thesis is extended! :p


the higher-ups decided my thesis draft could use (much) more work :p

and, like i keep on telling everyone, i'm relieved, nay, happy, that i don't have to defend my thesis yet :)
now i have more time for my classes --- those where i'm the teacher and those where i'm the student. and of course more time for my research, on which my thesis is based. bigger, better, new and improved!

sure, i'm not going to graduate yet because of the delay, but looking at where my life is headed (no, not towards bum-dom!), the academic delay of a few months won't matter much.


if anything, and i'll have to verify this theory based on my immediate future, the delay would establish me more in where i'm headed.


let's see :)

for now, the details of my destiny are as hazy as my humble thesis draft :D

but like my thesis, i have a general idea of where it's going.

and i like it :)

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
-- Romans 8:28


  1. "Your GOOD HEART shall tell you WHERE to go; your SHARP MIND shall tell you HOW to get there; and your DEEP LOVE for GOD shall GUIDE you on your way" <-- text sa kin ni mervin. sharing lang ^_^

    kc mejo clueless din ako sa gagawin ko sa buhay ko ^_^ hehe

    go go go teci!

  2. kaya mo yan! kahit ako na-experience ko yang mga ganiyang delay pero i know God has a plan... di nga siguro ako makakapasok sa Azeus kung hindi ako na-delay eh... kaya I'm sure everything will work out for you too... just continue believing in Him... God bless! :)

  3. meggy! czarles! thanks so much! :) :)

    with God there's really always a BIGGER and BETTER plan :) just go go go! :)

    really thanks for the encouraging words!!!! :) :)

  4. Ethel Schaefer4:44 PM

    It was certainly great news not only you needed, but a lot of student really want to hear. Cramming for deadlines is one of the problems student have to face, especially if they are working on abstract of thesis paper. But, it would be easier if student use the time wisely. Otherwise, they can really face a lot of deadlines.

    1. Hi Ethel. Yes, this was an example of a last-resort, emergency miracle. Nowadays, I'm learning time management (a long-term issue but still a miracle for someone like me!)
      Thanks for stopping by. God bless you :)