March 4, 2006

teci's thesis, episode 12: just like jeannie

i've been an x-men fanatic since i was a child, and it's cool to look at how much i had in common with my all-time favorite character, jean grey. that is, until i realized that (a) she had a LOT of wrong/faulty/fallen/mistaken/[insert negative adjective here] issues, and that (b) those [insert negative adjective] issues have become my own.

thank GOD (literally) that He came through for me. :) and despite how much "wrong"-ness there is in x-men, He's used that as a customized parable, to show me how life without Him would be like. (all the powers in the world --- nay, in the universe --- would never be able to fill that void inside one's soul =) )


now, i'd just like to say that my head hurts. as in HURTS.

and it started hurting when i heard the LOAD of what i STILL had to do regarding my thesis.

i'm not battling any fellow mutant (ha!) but i wonder if that would ever hurt like this?

(oh well, better my that my head hurts than my heart... :p )

(hmm, should i take that back? :p )

LORD! help me!

thanks so much!!! =D

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  1. tessa my dear,

    Peace is one of the hardest things to find in the world, and Im so glad you have yours..

    i miss you so much.