September 1, 2006

what about prayer? (and apples?)

my friend and i were sending text messages early this week...

A: I'm confused. What if you want something. For example you like that apple on the table. But you're not sure from afar if the apple is already ripe. What will i pray to God for? "Lord i hope the apple is already ripe when i eat it so that my hunger is satisfied"? Or, "Lord if the apple is not yet for me i hope that i can stand my hunger until the time comes that You're ready to give me the apple"?

{by the way God is always ready, it's us that He's waiting for :) }

B: Jesus' prayer: "Let not my will, but Yours be done."
Lord, please reveal to me what Your will is, and please give me discernment for me to realize that it's You...
If that apple is for me, please develop my patience to wait for it...
If it's not for me, please strengthen me to obey You.
Let everything I do please You and glorify You. :)
In Jesus' name,
Amen. =)

A: Agree. So your answer is like the second [sample prayer in question]. What about the first? If you pray and you believe that it will be answered, it will be given.

B: Wait, i'm not yet finished =)
Related to what you said, ask in Jesus' name and He will do it (John 14:13-14, 15:16, 16:23-24)...and if we abide in Him (John 15:7)...
Have faith =)

A: That's where i'm confused. We want something. So we tend to ask Him to hear our prayers. When will it be right to ask for His will to be done? Does it mean we should not ask but instead just wait for His will? i know the answers to my questions are so simple. i just need to hear. =)

B: But how come some prayers aren't granted, or what about contradicting prayers from two people? Because we abide in God and listen to His voice, there will be times that we'll realize that it's not His will...
If I'm confused, I don't want to pray without faith either, which is why I recommend to pray for His will and pray in the Spirit...
Ask according to His will and it's given (1 John 5:14-15)...
God can give you more than what you can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20)...
but this is the BEST: Romans 8:26-39 =D mwah!

{by the way, that "best" passage says, among many things, that:
the Spirit Himself intercedes when we don't know what to pray for
all things work together for the good
if God didn't spare His own Son for us, won't He give us everything else?
nothing, not even death, can separate us from God's love =)
(so why not read it yourself? :) ) }

B: i'll just give a personal example...i also have an apple now, but i also feel that it's not yet time (and maybe it's the wrong apple!)...
So there are times i just say, 'Lord, i'm going to be hopeful about THIS apple, because EITHER YOU'RE GOING TO GIVE ME THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER! yeah! =) but it's not really my "right" to claim that for myself, just HOPE for now =)

A: Absolutely the same here. =) i'm really confused about this apple. The good thing about this is i'm now considering God's will. Unlike in the past whenever i see an apple i lean on my own assessment and do what i feel i should do. Now it's so different! Maybe that's why i'm confused. =) thanks, you're really helpful. =)

B: Hey we're sisters aren't we? =) i really feel too, especially when i was a new Christian, when it was obvious that He was changing me =) =) just keep going, He's always at your side =) thanks too and i'm also refreshed! =)

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