September 17, 2006

waiting a time, times, and half a time

(waiting being the operative word here. opo Lord, i will start acting like You really are my Lord and actually obey Your command to wait. gulp. for an interestingly long period of time.)

(the title comes from Daniel 12:7, where the prophet Daniel was told that his visions would come to pass in
that amount of time, whatever actual length of time that was. but i'm relating it to my situation, where "time" appears to mean...a semester in our dear old university. yay....haaay. =p )

Thank You for telling me to wait. =) because that means there is something to be waited for. =)

regarding Elijah (the cartoon Bible story that i bought definitely for myself and not for any nephew or niece...):

  • i was just anticipating the "still small voice" scene. (this was the first major realization i had of how God talks to us. not surprisingly, Elijah continues to be my favorite prophet =) )
  • that scene did not happen.
  • but from the start the cartoon showed Elijah as
    • just wanting to wreak havoc
    • just wanting to avenge God
    • just wanting a rematch
  • but God told him to
    • leave his country
    • go to the wilderness
    • go to a foreign place
    • go to a widow who has no husband to provide for her and who has a son to support
    • wait THREE years.
  • wow. three years.
    • that's my PhD studies. =)
    • (and also, Jesus' entire ministry.)
    • but most importantly for this situation, that's exactly the time i had set for myself just the night before.
    • hmmm.
Near the end of his adventures Elijah said, "Now I see the wisdom in Your timing, God."
Yet even before that i already sensed God telling me the same thing.
i was watching the cartoon Monday night (September 11, 2006).
Just the night before i was telling myself i had to let go of even wanting to be **************** because i feel i should not be "distracted' at this point; i feel i still have a lot of other things to figure out, to work out, to resolve.
so it was ok for me to wait.

but the second realization during watching the cartoons FLOORED me.
previously, God told me "No" regarding another guy. (who am i kidding? that happened more than once if i were to be completely honest with myself. yipes.)
and so i felt a little sad that now He was telling me to wait ---
wait a minute.

He was telling me to wait.
Not "No," just "wait".
Yay! =)

God, i'm going to continue living a life and having a heart full of faith.
i'm not going to assume or presume anything. =)
but You know my heart, Lord.
and i'll just wait for Your plans, and not pursue my own.

Thank You, Lord.
Truly Your mercies are new every morning. :D

amen. =)


  1. i wish i had as much faith as you

  2. hi angela :)

    just start with what you know/think/heard about God, no matter how "small" or "little" that is...

    i learned about Him the "hard way" --> by spending the first 20+ years of my life doing things "my way" until i finally realized that i needed Him, that we all do :)

    thanks for visiting :) i hope to get to know you more :)

  3. hey teci, you know what? i think you know me...maybe you remember science camp back when you were still studying at st. scholastica? you were also a battle of the brains contestant then...anyway, we got pretty close then...anyway, i really honestly admire your faith, i currently have no religion (techinally a roman catholic but don't go to mass) because i can't seem to feel any guidance from any religion. maybe you can guide me, i'm a mom now so i really hope i'll be able to get closer to God in some way so I may bring my daughter close to Him too. :) Take care.