May 21, 2006

total surrender :)

i got the following message from Minister Debra Norman, from the ministersandevangelists yahoo group :) (used with permission) so powerful! so full of praise for God :) i'd like to preach as she does :) :)

Glory to God, for yet another day that we awoke. Thank you Father for without you, we are nothing!

Today I want to speak to you, about total surrender. Do we really know what it is that we are declaring when we say that "We totally surrender to God's way and Gods WILL"?

I first want to give you the definitions of total, and surrender, amen.

Definition of total is this: constituting the full quantity or extent; complete

Definition of surrender is this:give up or agree to forgo to the power or possession of another

My God my God! I pray that every heart will take heed to your word, and I pray that you give me the words, as how YOU would want this message to forth, In the name of Jesus, amen.

If we say that we totally surrender to God, this is what we are saying with the definitions.

Father, I declare that I am COMPLETE in you to every extent, and that, Father I give up what I may want, and my will, to the power and possession of you Father, In the name of JESUS!!

Is that not what we are saying according to the definitions? I want to share with you some scriptures amen, that show us total surrender!

Romans 6:16 says this: Do you not know that if you continually surrender yourselves to anyone to do his will, you are the slaves of him whom you obey, whether that be to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience which leads to righteousness (right doing and right standing with God)? (AMP)

Really does anymore need be said? Well lets look at another scripture.

(Luke 14:33) So then, any of you who does not forsake (renounce, surrender claim to, give up, [a]say good-bye to) all that he has cannot be My disciple.(AMP)

Oh my my my, My God I choose this day to totally surrender to YOU Father! I am not concerned with what (me) may want or NOT want, I am concerned about you Father. I totally surrender to you this day, and the (I) is put under submission, Let your will be done in my life, Father no matter where you lead me, I will follow. I say goodbye this day, to the things that are not of you! I may be persecuted, but Father as I am totally surrendered to you, I rejoice that I may be persecuted for your NAMES sake, halleluah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Father I know that to be a leader, I MUST first be a good servant, and know that even as a leader, I MUST still remain a good servant, I pray that I will always be at your service my Abba, even if at times it hurts, or If I must stand alone here on earth, I KNOW that you my Master, You have me in your hands, and If I be in your hands, I will not fear, Glory!!!!!!! Beacuse Halleluah, if you are my Master, and I am your servant, who can tear down? I choose this day, to make sure that I have on the full armour, that I can withstand in this perilous day! I love you Father, and I surrender myself totally to you!!!!!!!!! In Jesus Name, Amen and Amen.

As always Father, you will find me "Kneeling at your feet, and standing on Your word." Halleluah, Halleluah...........Minister Debra Rodman

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