May 20, 2006

Listen first, then decide

like the characters, we’re led across an exciting adventure, and we “learn” things along the way. now what? there were times i was really internally groaning and externally being a noisy annoying moviegoer (sorry folks!) because the things they “learn” aren’t really true...but i hope like the characters, we stick through it all till the end. i'm not saying to obey or follow blindly, on the contrary, to make a decision when all evidence is in. not just to hold on to a juicy piece of “information” and wave off everything else. if something is said against the Bible, what do Bible scholars say? just wait, like watching an entire movie or reading a whole book from start to end. be fair and hear everyone out.
and then, only then, can we say, “Now what?” (or, in Jacques Sauniere’s words, “What’s the next step?”)

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