May 20, 2006

that's why it's called "welcome"

many times, i've been disappointed, expecting to hear "thank you"'s from people who ask for something, usually popping out of nowhere only when they need something, then vanishing into nothingness as quickly as they came (as soon as they got that piece of information, or advice, or unburdened themselves, et cetera).

it's not really a requirement for them to thank me actually. i suppose it's a matter of habit, because i always thank people who help *me* out. ok, so maybe not *always*...

but isn't thanking others the least you could do for the help they've given you? it's just one word, one syllable even. but it shows that you're acknowledging someone's help, that they've managed to make your life a little better (or at least had that intention in mind), and that you're, well, thankful.

but then that still small voice asks: What if that ungrateful person asks for help again? and again? or what if someone else asks for help but you just know that he/she won't thank you later?

why, of course i'll still would be so shallow and immature of me not to, on the basis of the absence of that one-syllable token of gratitude. do i not want to help, whether or not they can repay me? even if they can't repay materially, or even verbally, even if they don't remember to thank me, i'll still do it.

i'm reminded that that's the reason we call it "you're welcome". :)

when there's no "thank you", all the more reason to say "you're welcome". :) sincerely, not spitefully nor sarcastically. you're welcome to my time, my effort, my money even. (just stay away from my food and comics! joke! but really, stay away! joke!)

and, before i forget, thank YOU God, for everything. i don't want to be like the Israelites at the time of the Judges! let's not make the same mistakes. thank You, God, and welcome, everyone else! :D

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