May 20, 2006

that's beside the point, 2: wagging your finger won't help

(i'll be writing this to the newspaper editor. even if it won't get published, at least i could give the writer my feedback. oh, wait, it is published in this blog anyway :p )

Yesterday, a front-page movie review of 'The Da Vinci Code' written by --- concludes with this:

"Will 'The Da Vinci Code' cause some Christians to question some of their beliefs? Definitely. Will they abandon their faith because of this movie? If they do, then they couldn't have been very good Catholics to begin with."

To be born into any belief system is one thing, but to actively live, or leave, the tenets of a particular faith is quite different.
Blind obedience and acceptance cannot really be credited as faith, because billions of people belong to different religions which cannot all be true at the same time. Even if one is born into a particular religion, that person still has to seek and find the answers for himself. I just find the above comment a little unfair, because "a very good Catholic" convert from, say, Islam would in turn be a "very bad Moslem" for leaving his original faith.

Sir, wagging your finger won't help. Whether we like it or not, there are many people who don't have firm foundations of faith. Simply branding them as "not very good Catholics", or Christians, or believers of any kind, would not help them sort out the truth from everything else. What the good believers could do is continue to spread the word of God's love, in words and in action. To counteract allegations with the truth of His presence as well as the historical, archaeological, and other scientific evidence backing up the Bible and God who is at its center.

Simply warning those who might fall away from the faith, or labelling them as weak believers, is beside the point really. maybe they are. but if we really know the truth, then we could make their faith in God much more stronger.

P.S. Overall I appreciated your article and agree with your insights regarding the movie (I watched it yesterday as well). Thank you for your time. :)

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