January 18, 2006

ok na :)

the previous blog ("waiting for x3 with fear and trembling") is now obsolete :) thanks God! :)

but....only because i am now on the brink of...a more serious struggle?! (walang ganyan sa comics!) (Things like that aren't seen in comics!)

anyways, it's hard, but i follow One who is ever faithful. His is a path of long-term victories over short-term thrills. if i could just hold on for a little while...if i could endure just a little bit more...

He has been faithful to so many people whose lives i've been blessed to see transformed, right before my very eyes. and, though i forget now and then, the miracle of renewal in my life is nothing short of incredible. wow.

still, please pray for me. right now i know how to do the right thing and am currently doing the right thing, but it hurts. frankly, because things aren't going my way! please help me by praying that God would take out my selfishness and my stubbornness. hopefully, just like THAT! but i know better now. God removes my pride by letting me endure the most humiliating of circumstances. He increases my faith by letting me walk, seemingly alone, though like a toddler's parent He is just waiting with outstretched arms until i successfully reach Him. He takes away my selfishness by drawing me away from the things i thought i want, and He takes away my stubbornness by stubbornly saying no.

metamorphoses are never easy. but it's the only way to fly. :)

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