October 30, 2005

yes, i admit, i watch big brother....

i am ashamed at myself! tsk tsk! :)

it's just that (1) i'm an anti-establishment person. i HATE fads.

(2) and there's something wrong with the tagline that advertises "ang teleserye ng totoong buhay", for the simple fact that real life is NOT the same as the weekly tasks, weekly nominations, and weekly eviction of a housemate.

(3) and i'm wary of how it MAY misrepresent God. (ahh, once again, i just had to connect it with God eh?) because, like Big Brother, God always sees us and directs us to do one thing or another.

so, to counter the above viewpoints...(no, ABS-CBN did not pay me to say this, hehehe, but any appreciation is welcome...)

(1a) i SINCERELY HOPE that fads do not remain fads. (huh?) i mean, let the really good trends and philosophies and realizations remain. and i do hope that things which do not deserve a second glance would abruptly disappear, and be gone faster than any fad. (well, un-realistic, but am still hoping...)

(1b) a pastor feared that young people are calling themselves Christians simply because it's now cool to be one. (context: many actors and musicians are now declaring their faith in Jesus Christ openly.) i am not the only one who hopes that Christianity is not just the latest fad in this day and age.

(2) sure, aetas might not come knocking on my door anytime soon, but the relationships in the house are very much real. which is why people from many backgrounds can still relate to the housemates. (did i just unwittingly plug the show? this post is one big promo ad for the show, yipes!!!!)

(3a) okay, okay. like Big Brother, God may sometimes tell us something which seems arbitrary, nonsensical, or maybe even *gasp* evil. (example: telling Abraham to sacrifice his only son, who Abe and wife Sarah waited for, for 10+ years...the same son through which God promised Abraham descendants as many as the stars in the sea or the sand in the shore...)

but isn't 'all that' for our greater good? God was just testing --- and stretching --- Abraham's faith. he eventually did become the father of a great nation, and also a shining example of a man of FAITH. (big brother fans, please supply the corresponding example :) )

(3b) this is what got me to write this entire post in the first place: last night kasi, i thought say was such a brat as she haggled with big bro over how long (or how short) her hair should be cut. yes, she was willing to sacrifice her hair for the 'greater good' (in exchange for kitchen showcase and charity)...but all the time she was whining and complaining, tsk tsk...
and then this morning it hit me (oyyyyy, hours later and i'm still thinking about that show ha!...). in my walk with God i have behaved like say so many times --- heeding God but showering Him with my oh-so-ungracious complaints the whole time.

if i trust Him so much, as i say i do, and if i am going to follow Him anyways, then why all the fear and doubts and hesitations?

God wants us to keep things real. if we have problems, He wants us to turn to HIM and nowhere else.

BUT, i'm just here to say, there's nothing to fear anyway :)

(and i can't believe i just plugged big bro...)

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