October 20, 2005

Hello, hello...


whoever you are, GOD LOVES YOU! :-)

Still reading? Cool. :-)

it's midnight, this is my first ever entry on my first ever blog, and i'd like to say hi. And, whoever you are, I'd like us to be friends :) yup, you read right! i know the warnings about people on the prowl on the Internet (in fact i could be one too, growl, snarl...), but i sincerely hope i could touch your heart :-)

and introduce you to the most wonderful thing that has happened to me, Jesus Christ. :)

does this sound unbearably sappy to you? HAHA! i sound corny to myself even! but it's TRUE!!!!

people that i know personally would testify that i was NEVER the goody-goody, saintly type...i was a headache in our school run by nuns, and i once gave an explicitly romantic (okay, BASTOS) novel to a classmate to lure her away from her call to be a nun.


Behold, I make all things new.
Revelation 21:5

which is why whoever you are, i want to get to know you personally too...for me to testify about a very personal matter...

God, the God of the HEAVENS and the all-knowing, all-present, all-powerful Being, is also

The God of Second Chances (and third, and fourth...).

The God of Extraordinary Promises and the Faithfulness to Keep Them.

The God who wants to be YOUR best friend.

so there. if i seem sincere to you, then make yourself heard! :) if i sound crazy or just plain lying, i challenge you to...talk to me and see for yourself.

better yet, ask God if He would make yourself known to you. LORD, SURPRISE ME!!! I WANT the closeness others feel towards You, the ultimate fulfillment of their lives as they offer themselves to You...i want to find out how in serving You, they have found complete freedom.

if you're an atheist or an agnostic like i once was, or haven't really had the chance to Him personally, like i was, let's just do this on a hypothetical basis. "Ahem. er, GOD, IF You ARE real, show Yourself to me. IF You DO LOVE me, make that love FELT."

Knowing God is the key to loving Him. I hope this blog helps in showing the way :)

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