October 27, 2005


(written September 9, 2005)

Don’t belittle others’ griefs and struggles as compared to your own. God has given us different personalities and has led us through different experiences. Let us sympathize with our brothers and sisters through any and all trials, problems, and sufferings.

I came to know Christ because of heartbreak. When my first-ever boyfriend broke up with me, my whole world collapsed. Granted, it may not be as dramatic as some life stories, but is this observation really important?

God spoke to me in one area of my life where I thought I knew it all and where I thought I could handle it. Is this not what our Father does with each of us, although in different circumstances?

As a new believer, I’ve had my life story pooh-poohed by supposedly more mature Christians. There is always a danger in comparing yourself with others! Are we not to sympathize with our newer/less mature/younger/weaker brothers and sisters? If we ourselves had gone through something seemingly harder or more difficult, will this not serve as an encouraging example to those around us, as an opportunity to exhort those who are now undergoing trials as well?

We must be reminded constantly that we were all sinners, and that God loved us and saved us despite ourselves.

He also did this so that no one can boast.

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