October 30, 2005

more about teci and her testimony :)

hi, i'm teci. daughter of God, friend of Jesus, servant of the King.

i LOVE babies and kids! aren't they cute? :-)

i'm taking my master's degree in physics from university of the philippines diliman, and am also a physics lecturer.

23 yrs of age...

with one younger brother (who's annoying and adorable at the same time), and godmother and aunt to the most WONDERFUL creature in the world, four-year-old ivan!

i have a very loud laugh, a smile for any occasion, and (God willing) ears always ready to listen and words meant to encourage and enliven. (well, that's what i HOPE i have! :p )

i love to think. to chew on ideas, gulp, then regurgitate so i can chew on them again (the thing cows do...).

i love scifi, mysteries, horror, and x-men and x-files stuff. (though now that I'm a Christian i'm learning to find a balance, in other words, to STOP WORSHIPPING these things, particularly in relation to Jean Grey.)

i want to have the time to cross-stitch, to do crunches, to sleep, and to finish Don Quixote. and to eat more (glutton!). it seems i can only do all these activities when (if?) i get pregnant. well, except the crunches part. :p

i started this weblog to share my testimony, my life story of how i came to know Christ and what He is revealing to me every day. "He who has ears to hear, let him hear!" (Mark 4:9)

and i do want to form real friendships. yes, it's cyberspace, but i know that there are real people with sincere hearts behind those computer terminals :-)

whoever you are, if you don't believe God exists, if you're not sure He's there, or if you just didn't care, don't waste another moment. just whisper or think of something, like this: 'God, if you're there, show yourself. why is the entire world in pain and suffering? explain yourself!' no matter the content, what's important is that you talk to God. He is real, and He *will* answer you, so be prepared for what you'll hear! =)

and i pray and hope that this weblog would help you draw near (or nearer) to God, in one way or another :)

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