February 1, 2013

Thank You (for the money too)

Dear Lord, thank You for the money.

You might be thinking I'm doing this right now:


Not really. ;)  But, let us give credit where credit is due. I will thank God for the jeep that took me home, for the yummy breakfast, and for the money I have (regardless of how much or how little there is).

It might sound selfish, thanking God for material things, especially money. The Bible calls love of money as the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10). But money in itself can be used to help others and to advance what is good. And thanking God is the best way to acknowledge that this blessing, like any other good thing, does come from our Father.

Also, in the Lord's Prayer, Jesus teaches us to ask "Our Father" for our "daily bread". Ask! Daily! Because we need Him every day, every moment even. But after He gives us what we ask for, now what? Do we conveniently forget Him until the next crisis, or do we thank Him? Let's thank Him for giving us what we need and even what we want; let's thank Him for giving us what we ask for and even what we don't.

Lastly, does this kind of prayer/thanks reinforce the notion that "money makes the world go round"? We can only answer that for our own selves. Are we focused on God or on money? Hey, at least we're not saying, "Dear Money, thank You for God," right? But God knows our hearts. He knows if we are centered on the Giver or on the gifts. Let us have the proper perspective.

So let's thank God for the money. Not because we love money, but because we love God and we are thankful.

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