January 15, 2013

My solid ground

This is the Star Frisbee, perhaps the craziest ride in Star City.


(Yes, those are legs dangling as the pendulum swings and rotates.)

This is me on the Star Frisbee.

Just to be clear, that is not a smile --- that is a grimace of intense fear and psychological pain. The horror of it all in multiple angles.

As I was mercilessly thrown back and forth,
I was processing how in the world I got there,
barely able to breathe in (and gasp out "LORD!")
          when the ride braces for the next swing.
Realizing there's no escape and I just have to ride it out,
I told myself, "Well, nobody died from this yet, so I should be okay."

I did get out alive; a proud survivor but with no plans of returning, thank you very much.

Just like 2012.

The year I turned 30 was the craziest ride ever, wilder than all the past years combined. Beliefs were turned upside down. Boundaries were formed and reformed. Principles were challenged. Priorities were refined. All of a sudden, God gave me maturity, self-control, security and peace.
I was shaken, I was strengthened. And yet through it all, my God remains the same. He is changing me --- improving, pruning, developing. As for Himself, He really can't improve on perfection now, can He?

Our God is the one stable and constant Presence in the universe. He is terra firma: solid ground. His Word does not change even when our understanding of it does. His gifts remain with us even when we forget about them, or ignore or misuse them. Most importantly, He is with us, always, period.

When the Star Frisbee of Life tosses me wildly back and forth, I will put my trust in what is secure. That ride is ultimately anchored on the ground; rocky circumstances ultimately answer to God Himself. I'll place my hope in my terra firma: enduring dangling in mid-air by remembering what the ground feels like... and making sure I get to touch base (literally get grounded) as much as possible.

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