June 1, 2012

Free to work :)

"The diligent find freedom in their work;
the lazy are oppressed by work."
(Proverbs 12:24)

This is me. Well, this is supposed to be me:

Where are you in this graph?

I believe fulfillment in work is not just based on skills and challenges. Whatever our reasons are, below is a useful guide:

Maybe I'm just ahead of my time? Excuses. Surely I can adjust to the present!

The clock is ticking, I keep telling myself. Work is not a matter of life and death. JESUS already dealt with the real life-and-death-and-afterlife issue. All I have to do is walk in His footsteps, in the much less dramatic but still significant arena called the workplace.

And remember: Work, like everything else, presents many challenges that we can use to honor God. :)

Thank You Lord, for giving me work that I love to do. :) Amen.

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