June 17, 2012


We want this:

Diamond on black background

but not really this:


We want this:


but we don't really want this:


SHINE means:
     1. To emit light.
     2. To reflect light; glint or glisten.
     3. To distinguish oneself in an activity or a field; excel.
     4. To be immediately apparent
(from The Free Dictionary)

To shine means to be bright... at the cost of being bruised all over or burned from the inside.

Am I willing to pay the cost to achieve the rewards?

My family name is Pulido: Spanish for polished. Like elegant floors or sparkling gems that don't just happen. There's a lot of work, pain and sacrifice involved.

Jesus says that if anyone is tired in and of this world, come to Him. HE will carry the burden, HIS power accomplishes the work. I'm still in the process of trusting Him while getting off my bum... still learning how to balance being at peace while making sure I accomplish my tasks... still trying to understand how He can work "through" me. Many questions remain: Which part is Him and which is me? Would it matter as much as long as I get my work done? What if I don't get my work done --- is this still His will?

The Bible also talks of being pruned to be fruitful and of everything being shaken to the core. That's happening to me right now --- every matter being challenged and refined. These past weeks have been craaaaazy. People might know a thing or two but only God knows how much SHAKING I'm going through right now.

But I do want to shine. Don't you?

Then let the polishing, the pruning, and the shaking continue.

Burn, baby, burn... Shine for God, by God. :)

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