July 14, 2011

That the deaf may hear: The Gospel in sign language

Are there people around you who know THE most important life-changing news, yet are muted by fear or laziness? 

What about those who become too deafened by the world's pressures to stop and listen?

Hearing-impaired people have an additional difficulty: the lack of Christians willing to share the Gospel in "their" language, sign. The deaf are one of the largest people groups not yet "reached" by Christianity.

Hoping many hearing-impaired brothers and sisters get to "hear" this :)
An FSL* Fellowship is held regularly every second Sunday of the month
at Higher Rock Christian Church, 3/F Esna Bldg., Timog Ave., Quezon City. The next fellowship will be on Aug 14 (Sun), 1-3 PM.

Everyone is welcome to join, help out, and invite our deaf loved ones to finally "hear" and receive God's Good News, which is for everyone indeed. God bless you. :)

*FSL = Filipino Sign Language
(Thanks to Ken Bulahan for the video and Cyril Sadia for the link.)

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