July 14, 2011

He creates no pests

Have you ever wondered why God created pests like *that person*? Well, how about pests in general? ThinkChristian gives an insightful look at a child's question: "Why did God create mosquitoes?"

Who wants a mouse in their house? (Sorry Mickey.) From here. 

1. Well, who decides what is a pest anyway?

2. Whatever may be a pest to me may be a precious in His sight, a unique special creation.

3. I must admit the many times I was (am) a pest to God and to people... Thank God He hasn't sprayed divine insecticide (yet) in anger and frustration. Thank God He has not given up on me yet.

4. He can turn pests into precious children. Nay, that's what He has always intended for us to be, if we just continue to let Him do His work in us.

5. Makes it *much* easier to deal with the pests in your life, eh?

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