July 15, 2011

Just speak His Word

The Prince of Peace did not come to bring peace
but a sword
Either you're for Him or against Him
Either you're against Him or for Him
There is no middle way

God says,

"There will be times when people will be hurt
Just speak My Word
That is enough."

His Word is His Sword
Double-edged, because both messenger and receiver are fallen
We all realize how far we are from The Holy of Holies
But we all have a choice too
To recognize how far He's come, how much He's done, and let Him save us
Or to make the rescue attempt ourselves (good luck)
Or to say we don't need a hero, thank you very much

When the Sword falls and divides
flesh from flesh and soul from Spirit
on which side will you be?


  1. you have spoken well.. The word is like a sword it is too sharp to pierce whatever and whoever at anytime.

    1. Yes, it's simply more effective to speak God's Word. He's the one who knows the issues of whoever hears Him. Thanks Philip!